When I co-create a painting with your Soul, I channel colors, shapes, geometry, sound, inspiration, energy, and messages into a “portrait” that represents your highest Self.

We begin with a private session so I can get to “know” you. When I create the painting, I will connect again with your Soul only and this time bring through it’s expression onto the canvas in it’s pure form of Universal energy.

Your finished painting is a powerful, living, “bridge” that connects you to the higher realms of energy where your Essence resides.

This is a tremendous gift to the aspect of You that is timeless, all knowing, and lovingly waiting for you to make a conscious connection with yourSelf.

We complete the process with a final session together where you will view your Soul’s Expression Painting and hear any messages for you that came through during the process. Your higher Self will become known to you in a deeper way that will transform your life.

Soul Expression Painting

Size 16x20
(other sizes available by request)
acrylic or oil on linen
tax and shipping not included in cost