A Letter from Michelle…

There’s never been a more perfect time to join together in a global meditation experience. Let’s bring our minds, energies, and hearts together to become a positive piece of the New Earth reality.

In the “game of life” we are powerful creators. With every thought, word, and action we are carving out our own destiny. We are free to choose how we interact with life. The mind is our master computer reflecting in the present moment the programming from our past.

The New Earth brings in a different awareness that re-writes the old energies of victimhood, denial, distrust, hatred, and blame. Consciously, we now begin to accept the rules of the game and become accountable to the choices we are making in each moment.

Sages, Teachers, and Gurus have been laying the groundwork for our Self-Realization and now the energy on Earth has ascended to a point where there’s no denying anymore that there’s only two things in the entire World we have any control over…

Our thoughts and our actions.

My vision is to bring people on the Planet together to create stillness in our minds, connect with our positive power, and bring that energy into our World. When we join together in the meditative mind we quantumly shift the energy on our Planet. We cannot control another Being but we can bring our best into the World. We can create beauty and wonder.

The meditation I teach is extremely healing and will affect your sub-conscious in a way that will free you from years, decades and lifetimes of conditioning. It works at a lightning speed and all you need to do is show up and practice.

I love you!!

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Michelle is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Steward for the New Earth