Here Comes the Sun! Claim Your Power

Here comes the sun! August 2018 supports your growth with it's powerful light to achieve rapid transformation. August encourages you to step out of the shadows and into your brilliance where there's really nowhere left to hide. The August light challenges you to be brave and trust that you are headed in the direction that's best, not only for you but for those around you.

How to be comfortable in the light?
1. By letting parts of the past dissolve and stepping into the present moment.
2. Being clear with yourself about what you desire and allowing those feelings to come to the surface.
3. Making strong and bold statements such as, "This is what I deserve," and then claim it!
4. Being clear when understanding the people, patterns, and situations that are keeping you stuck.

This month is a great time to get support on your journey. Book a healing session, wellness retreat, or time with a spiritual teacher. Those experiences give you support and help you take three important action steps...

1. Rewind and Rekindle your Passion
Looking back, you will recognize patterns even from childhood that are still in place. You will learn how to be free of those stuck patterns and free to rekindle your passion.

2. Renew Your Enthusiasm for Life
A retreat, healing session, or training with a spiritual teacher gives you support, clarity, and a new enthusiasm for your path. You will start to do things that make you happy and fulfilled.

3. Reclaim Your Power
Looking at your life to discover where you ambush yourself and where you've been giving up your power is very enlightening. You will learn how to turn on your light and easily let go. You will learn to "claim your space."

Act now and move towards your passion and desires and you cannot go wrong. There are many ways to support your journey. Reach out and the Universe reaches back with love and light.

Michelle Frandsen