Why Meditating with a Group is so Powerful

Meditation is one of the easiest — and hardest — things to do in life.

It’s one of the easiest because meditation is simple, repetitive and relatively short. Even a child can be taught to meditate in one sitting. Meditation also gives you an immediate return on your effort and makes bringing your dreams into reality…a reality.

Meditation is one of the hardest things to do because the ego hates it and will try to talk you out of it every chance it gets. Most people have to meditate consistently enough in the beginning to form the habit, i.e., they have to overcome the initial resistance from ego. Meditation is also hard because it creates change and though change is the one constant in life you can absolutely count on, it’s also the one thing many people resist. Humans like to believe they can control their life and their world. Ironically, they can if they meditate. They cannot control anything if they don’t have control over their mind.

When you meditate, all these wonderful, higher, aspects of yourself will start to come “online” and you’ll realize that you have tons more options and choices than you ever thought possible. As a meditator, you experience your limitlessness, not your limitations.

One of the easiest ways to meditate is in a group setting. There’s tons of benefit, community, and support when you go into a group space and sit with others. You can feel that the energy around you is more highly charged in a group and you can feel a part of something that’s big, global, and Universal.

The group energy during a meditation led by a Teacher can create very powerful energy. That energy can be what it takes to bring you back, again and again, to that group space and join together. In a group setting, Meditation can be easy and very fulfilling when you experience Being One Energy and bringing peace and power to your Self and to the World.

Meditation is the way out of suffering and into Peace and Joy. Find your tribe, your group, and bring your minds together in a way that creates healing and happiness in your heart. You will help yourself and everyone you come in contact with.

Sat Nam!

Michelle Frandsen