How Energy Healing Really Works for You

Energy Healing is an amazing healing art. As no two people are exactly the same, no two Energy Healers have the same gifts and skills. Each will evaluate, and come to understand, the client from a unique perspective. Unlike Western Medicine, there's no standard "way" the Energy Healer treats a dis-ease in body, mind, or spirit.

For example, If two people have asthma, the way a healer approaches each person will be completely different. The Healer is not as concerned with the diagnosis as with understanding, and helping to release, the root cause of the person's suffering. One person may have asthma because of trauma in childhood. The other person may have developed asthma after a painful divorce. Fear can be at the root cause in both cases, but the healing process will be unique to each person.

Western Medicine treats symptoms. You are given medication and treatments that you can follow your entire life. You can manage your "asthma" this way but you won't heal from the root cause. True Healing is something that happens at a deep, deep level. A powerful Healer, a willing client, and a true connection to Source, allows dis-ease and resistance to release.

How do you know an excellent Healer when you find one? He or she really takes on the responsibility of guiding the client throughout their healing journey. This is a commitment the Healer makes to be responsible and intentional with the well-being of the client and is committed to the process of healing and developing a deep trust and bond with the client. The client comes to understand that healing is always possible.

The good Healer is honest and loving, straightforward yet gentle. He or she tells the truth and has the skills and training to do the job well. You will experience yourself becoming healthier and happier in every area of your life. Not only will your "asthma" go away, but your entire life will improve.

The right Healer for you brings out the best in you and joyfully observes you develop a strong confidence in your innate, inner, healing power. Over time you realize the truth of your healing journey...You have healed yourself!!

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Love and Light

Michelle Frandsen