3 Steps to Letting Go of Resentment

Your mental state of mind affects your level of happiness and your physical health. Resentment is an emotion that almost everyone can relate to. When you learn to clear that negative energy, you can experience true freedom and peace.

I recommend you approach each resentment you are ready to clear one at a time and give some "space" before going to the next. This will give your mind time to process.

Step One: Remembering
Write the name of the person or organization, and beside it, a few words of what happened to hurt you. Write quickly, keep it brief, and don't dwell on the pain. When finished, take a minute to consciously focus on your breath, in and out.

Step Two: Discovering
Now bring your focus inward and focus on yourself. This is not about blame but it is about discovering what you can change.

Take your resentment and write down what part you may have played in the wrong that you experienced. It might be your words, actions, or attitude. It may be that you were completely innocent or unprotected at the time. In that case, note your attitude now. Ask yourself, "Am I keeping this event alive with my attitude? Am I allowing this event to become my defining story?"

Again, take a minute and focus on your breath before moving to the next step.

Step Three: Releasing
The final part of this process provides the gateway to a new relationship with a part of your history and your life. Ask yourself, "How do I wish it had been?" In a few words, write down your response. Feel what comes up and let it go. This takes courage but as you allow yourself to release sorrow, anger, and disappointment, you let go of the past and truly move into the present where you are safe. Acknowledge the loss and say to yourself, "So Be It." Consciously breathe in and out.

Repeat the above process with each resentment and take breaks in between each one. Go for a walk, sit in a park. 

Sat Nam and Lots of Love...

Michelle Frandsen