Five Ways Kundalini Yoga* Will Improve Your Life

The top five ways that Kundalini Yoga changes your life for the better are...
1. Connects You with Your Personal Power
Your personal power is neither physical or mental. It's a power that exists in the very essence of who you are and in what is called the Subtle Body. Kundalini Yoga activates energy in the base of your spine which will begin to move upwards and will eventually activate your crown chakra at the top of your head. When that happens you will experience freedom and an understanding that you are connected to your personal power. 

2. Gives You Awareness of Who You Really Are.
Most people have no idea who they really are and why they are here on Planet Earth at this time. When your chakras are open, your personal power is activated, your mind of free of fear, you will know what you are here to do and experience. You will have freedom from lower states of mind such as hate, fear, loss, lack, regret, and you will connect with the world around you in a more trusting and authentic way.

3. Cleans the Mind of "Garbage"
When you take the garbage out of your mind you will naturally let go of fears and negativity. When practicing Kundalini Yoga, your charkas open and your pure energy travels up your spine to the brain. This allows your sub-conscious and unconscious mind to "clear" what's not needed anymore. Your mind is like a super computer and if it accumulates too much junk and garbage you will experience unhappiness and physical/emotional difficulties. Clearing past programs keeps the mind free.

4. Heals the Body
When the mind is free from resistance, fear, and difficulty, the body is also free and can do what it does naturally...heal itself. When restrictive thoughts are in the way, the body has no choice but to conform -- physically -- to those thoughts and manifest a physical result. Doing Kundalini Yoga will eventually free your mind and heal your body.

5. Activates your DNA and Higher States of Consciousness
Everything I've mentioned above leads to a higher state of consciousness and DNA that is activated and connected to the frequencies of love and light. When you are operating in such a pure energy field your DNA is allowed to open to the highest levels of awareness you are capable of in each moment. 

*Always practice with a teacher such as Michelle, who is trained and certified to teach Kundalini Yoga and who has the capacity to transmit it's powerful energy on your behalf.

Michelle Frandsen