Finding Peace in the Presence of Conflict

When channeling Oneness, there's so much wisdom to be learned about finding balance, finding peace. When you can be in the 3rd dimensional energy that's everywhere around us and stay out of the conflict, drama and difficulty then you can succeed at rising above what doesn't serve you and give yourself the experiences you really want to have in life.

It's all an inside attracts like. We all have a choice to make in each moment and those choices will determine our future.

So, what lowers our energy field to the vibration of fear and anger? Engaging with, and connecting to, drama and conflict. If drama and conflict is going on all around you  but you remain as neutral as possible (meaning non-reactive) then that type of negative energy cannot hook you and bring your state of consciousness down. In fact, your lack of negative input will not only change your vibration to a higher level, it will also affect people around you. That's real power.

It's not easy to be around negative energy and not have some internal or external reaction. That's the job of that type of trigger a certain kind of response and get you to interact and give up your power (which is found in your ability to stay strong, grounded, and content).

I limit my exposure to negative energy as much as I can. Some of the easiest ways to do this are to reduce the amount of time you listen to the news, limit any complaining, and choose wisely who you spend your time with, i.e. not super negative people. But you will still have to deal with a lot of 3D energy just by virtue of being a human in 2018. Here's a few simple, easy, things to try the next time you find yourself in the presence of a vibe that just doesn't feel good...

  1. Breathe and focus your mind on your breath
  2. Notice how you feel. Identify the feeling in your mind then go back to your breath
  3. Refrain from speaking and engaging verbally. Keep your opinions to yourself
  4. Hold yourself as still in your mind as you can, i.e., back to the breath
  5. Avoid telling the story of the conflict later to someone (unless that person is a healer or therapist) and watch if your mind starts repeating it over and over to yourself. Again, go back to silence and back to the breath

As a healer, my job is to help people process and release the negative energies that get stuck in the mind and body and that, over time, create conditions and dis-eases.

A simple way to explain how healing happens is that the healer is a conduit for Oneness energy and holds a deep, meditative, space that is neutral. The client's issues will come up in that Space during a healing session but the healer knows to allow, allow, allow whatever is there without adding anything to it. In that neutrality, the conditions and patterns created by the client have a chance to release and be replaced with higher vibrational feelings of joy, hope, relaxation.

Our true nature and state of Being-ness is healthy and whole. We just sometimes forget to practice what creates peace, love, light. Luckily there's always another moment right around the corner.

Michelle Frandsen