Happy Go Lucky Dogs!

My dog, Matisse is constantly reminding me what happiness is. It's in the food, in the toy, in the joy of running through the ranch, in the play, the sniffing, the licking. It's in the moment, whatever that moment is because even if it's not a moment he likes, he will find a way to just be there and be okay with it. What is super wise about dogs is that they know what they like and what they don't like and they always choose what they like. Why? It's just smart and wise. It's easier and more satisfying to choose what one likes. Dogs don't have guilt or should's and should not's. They know how to keep life simple. They know what they want. They don't like anger or lots of negativity.

The huge difference between dogs and people is that dogs stay in the moment and reflect that moment very accurately. They are not seduced by negativity. They seem to have no interest in the past or the future. They know when it's dinnertime or when it's treat time. They don't remind you an hour before dinner, "Hey, are you getting my dinner ready?!" They just trust you and when you have trust you don't worry about second guessing the outcome or trying to control life. Dogs just know when the important stuff is happening and they want to be right there with it.

Dogs, like people, get thrown off-balance when forced to do something they don't enjoy or they don't want to do. But, dogs don't feel guilt so if they don't want to greet someone, play with another dog, or eat something they don't like, they won't! Pretty wise, I'd say.

Let dogs show you how to be spontaneous, how to choose and follow what brings you great joy, how to play like a child, how to know what you need and be willing to ask again and again for whatever it is.

Never, ever give up. Be true to who you are. This is the way to happiness!