Happiness is Your Birthright

When I was going through my teacher training in Kundalini Yoga, the Guru (Yogi Bhajan) who brought the Kundalini tradition to the West in 1968 made what seemed like a really bold statement to our class. "Happiness is Your Birthright!!" he said with lots of passion. To me, at that time, happiness seemed more like a reward for those who had "made it" in their lives or a temporary state of mind triggered by something outside of oneself. I didn't know anyone who was truly thrilled with their life and "happy" but, I liked the idea.

Today, I know that we are born to be happy. It's encoded in our DNA and our truest nature is happiness. But, it's a choice and it lives in the Now. Not years from now when we've achieved a certain level of education, financial status or accolades. The truth about happiness is it's not something to "achieve." It's something you already have and it's not dependent on anything outside of yourself. It's who you really are by nature and it's waiting for you to connect.

Happiness is a high vibrational energy that is the polar opposite of fear, stress, anxiety, dis-ease. It is a sister to the feelings of love, peace, joy, grace. It's always with you.

Back in 2001 when I first heard about happiness being my birthright I didn't really understand what that meant. I understood the words but didn't have the experience. After weeks that turned into months that turned into years of practicing mantra, meditation and Kundalini Yoga, I had experienced so many moments of joy and personal power that I knew my "birthright" was here to stay.

Today, in 2018, life is moving faster than ever and we have more ability than ever to choose to connect with the feelings of joy and happiness and to practice being content. I believe you are connecting right NOW and that something in you is shifting and gravitating to that which you truly are...happy.

Michelle Frandsen