A highly regarded spiritual intuitive, artist, and personal change leader, Michelle Frandsen inspires her clients and followers to create magnificence in their lives with ease. She is highly skilled at Focused Change and being in the Now. She has a thorough understanding in how to create a new, high-vibrational, happy life and step off the path of difficulty.

As an activator of high-vibrational energy, Michelle is a “bridge” to the realms of Light. She has the gifts of Healing, Alchemy, and Joy. She connects with life in high levels of consciousness and shares this “flow” in a private session, a painting, a written piece, a talk.

Michelle’s training in the ancient healing arts began decades ago in San Diego when she confronted her own suffering and started acknowledging what she had created. That truth led to a deep study, practice, and certification in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Energy Healing Arts, Creative Expression, and Ayurvedic Wisdom. She has a 20-year practice working with others to guide them to their truth while assisting in raising their energy.