As we learn, and practice, how to move into higher levels of consciousness, all our problems will simply disappear…


My greatest joy is when I am “in the flow” and connected with high-vibrational and creative energy. All healing, positive change, love, transformation, creativity comes from that Space.

I am gifted in the areas of healing, art, writing, communication, energy clearing, alchemy, channeling.

My studies, degrees, and certifications are focused on Artistic Creation, the Science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Ayurvedic Medicine, Intuitive Energy Healing, Yoga Therapy, Channeling, Writing.

  • I do Intuitive Healing and Clearing with clients, animals, places, objects.

  • I create paintings that activate the energy of Joy in the room and in the viewer.

  • I channel information and messages from your Soul, Guides, Angels.

  • I am a Muse.

  • I clear negative energy and teach you how to stay positive and happy.

  • I believe in you ~ 100%!!